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Founded by James Halliday in 1985.

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Deer Farm Vineyard


The picturesque Yarra Valley is one of Australia’s foremost cool-climate wine regions. The wine produced in this area is celebrated for its distinctive characteristics of flavour, texture and depth. Our Deer Farm Vineyard highlights the best of the Yarra Valley region, producing award-winning, elegant wine.

What is it that makes this vineyard so special? Single Vineyard wines are made to express the land on which they are grown. These wines show greater variation across vintages, as the fruit is sourced from one single site, rather than being blended with other vineyards.

The Deer Farm vineyard can be more challenging viticulturally due to higher rainfall and the steepness of its slopes, but great management by the Vineyard Team produces exceptional results.


“This is a spectacular vineyard in the cool Upper Yarra which produces wines of real finesse and length of flavour. If you think of Coldstream Hills Sparkling, it’s Deer Farm.”

– Andrew Fleming, Chief Winemaker

Deer Farm Vineyard Wines

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