Founded by James Halliday in 1985.
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Bottles of Coldstream Hills wine

Amphitheatre Wine Club

Named after the steeply sloped vineyards that our Yarra Valley winery sits atop of, the Amphitheatre Club presents members with the opportunity to reserve some of our most premium wines, which, in the pursuit of excellence we release small quantities of each year.

As a part of the Amphitheatre Club, we will keep you abreast of all the happenings at the winery, while two dedicated wine packs sent in March and September will ensure your cellar is stocked with Coldstream Hills year round.

For each delivery, you can opt to receive our Winemaker's Selection, or pick a six-pack filled with your favourite varieties. We'll send a reminder notifying you that your wines are ready to be dispatched, so if you're looking to stock up, heading out of town, or haven't had time to enjoy the wines in your cellar–you can choose to increase, delay, or cancel your allocation prior to the shipment date.

Amphitheatre Club Benefits

The benefits of our Amphitheatre Club include:

  • A 20% members-only discount on our current release and reserve wines, every day
  • The convenience of access to our well-stocked cellar, with free delivery to your door Australia-wide
  • Flexibility to select your own wines or choose one of Chief Winemaker Andrew Fleming’s seasonally picked mixed packs
  • Priority notification of new releases
  • Exclusive access to limited release, museum and back vintage wines
  • Invitations to attend special members-only dinners, tastings and events
  • No annual membership fee

Find out more: download our current Winemaker Selections (PDF)

To hear more about the Amphitheatre Wine Club, please Contact Us, download and return an Application Form (PDF), or alternatively call our Cellar Door on 1300 765 116.